Slovenia offers a vast array of possibilities for excursions. Many tourists usually first opt for a visit to the capital Ljubljana, the renowned tourist town next to Lake Bled, and Postojna Cave, but I like to take my guests to less known places, surrounded by natural beauty and blooming scenery of practically unparalleled quality. Natural diversity has for a long time now been a source of inspiration when it comes to garden design or, more precisely, matching plants to a chosen site.  So come to Slovenia where new ideas await, along with an abundance of knowledge on plants you might grow in your garden; in Slovenia, these plants grow in the wild. There is no greater pleasure than walking through a forest immersed in the scent of cyclamen; trying to be careful not to step on one of the wild-growing orchids; or observing endemic plants, such as Zois’ Bellflower (Campanula zoysii), peeking out of narrow cracks on rocky slopes.

Guided tours I have done so far:

    • GUIDED GARDEN TOUR for a group of visitors from New Zealand, 2007



    • GUIDED GARDEN–BOTANICAL TOUR for a group of members of the Royal Flemish Dendrological Society, 2011