Chelsea Flower Show, 2012

Pepina zgodba Garden: After winning a gold medal and a prize for the best garden at the Hampton Place Flower Show in 2009, Borut Benedejčič, a Slovenian garden design giant decided to test himself at the Chelsea Flower Show. He invited me to join him on his adventure, which lead me to grow perennials for his garden honouring the simple, yet highly innovative architecture specific to shepherds in the Karst region in Slovenia, and the stunning beauty and richness of the wild-growing karst plants.

Chelsea Flower Show, 2015

Vodna postaja Garden: In 2015, Borut answered the call from London again. While his last contribution to the show had paid tribute to the natural and cultural heritage of the Slovenian Karst Region, his second creation addressed city people. His message partly underlined the importance of placing water elements into the urban environment and thus raising its quality and, consequently, the quality of life. We chose the plant range together, keeping in mind the garden’s purpose: showing visitors how certain plant combinations soothe the hardness of stone pavements and fountains with their tenderness. Simultaneously, the chosen plants had to be resistant to drought to remind the observer that drinking water efficiency is important.