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Modern and Diverse Slope

On an uneven terrain, we often find ourselves challenged by how to green the slopes that are left from landscaping for new construction. In order not to complicate our lives with lawns where they are difficult to mow, I prefer to find different solutions for my clients. I often choose to plan plantings. How colorful and blossoming they will be depends on other contents of the garden, but of course, the client also has an important say. It was at this garden that the client wanted to cover the slope with lavender. For the latter, I think it is a over-planted and at least to some extent an unimaginative choice of plant. However, at the same time I love challenges when I subdue the selection and overall appearance of a garden to some selected plant. Considering the combinations and role of the selected plant takes a long time, but usually something very good comes out of such long and difficult planning process.

I decided on a subtle color concept with lavender purple in the foreground. To protect it from stronger colors, I added a lot of dark green in the form of shrubs, pastel yellow, greyish leaves and other shades of purple. The slope will be a completely overgrown network of larger organic groups of plants and, despite their diversity, it will still fits neatly into modern architecture and the wider surroundings.